Tax Audit and Appeals Representation


Each of our Senior Professional staff has at least 15 year and as much as 26 years successful experience dealing with the IRS, the FTB and other agencies. We have successfully defended our clients from many hundreds of millions in potential tax assessments and can help you as well.

IRS Proposed Adjustments

We will provide responses to the government designed to minimize your liability.

Penalty Notices

Penalties today can be quite large. If a mistaken notice is issued, or if reasonable cause exists, we can help you reduce or eliminate penalties. If you received a notice, we will provide an analysis and let you know how best to proceed.

tax audit and appeals


If necessary, we have the expertise in appealing an adverse report from the IRS or the FTB. We will write the Appeals Memorandum, the Protest Letter, or other correspondence and communicate with the IRS representatives for an excellent resolution.

Tax Court Assistance

More than 90% of all cases that are appealed to the tax court are settled out of court. We will advise you if your case will be one of these to be settled and represent you in the settlement conferences.

Collection Due Process and OIC Hearings

Often people today find, although their liability to the government is valid, they cannot afford to pay all of this debt right now. Thefeld and Associates can help by filing a request for a collection due process hearing to determine how much you can afford right now and negotiate a reasonable settlement between you and the government. Or evaluate whether you are in the rare position of being a good candidate for a successful Offer In Compromise (OIC).

If you are interested in our services, please make an appointment so we can discuss your needs.